After a 40-year career, Mr. Trehan is retiring from clinical practice on 31st December 2017. As a result, Mr. Trehan’s clinic will be unable to accept any new patients. Mr. Trehan’s endometriosis centre which was based at Spire Elland Hospital (Yorkshire), and 96 Harley Street (London), and was the first privately accredited BSGE endometriosis centre in the country, will no longer be running. If you are advised that someone is taking over Mr. Trehan’s clinic in his retirement, please be aware that this is inaccurate.

Mr. Trehan therefore recommends that all patients look on the BSGE website for a list of accredited endometriosis centers: in order to find an appropriate specialist.

Similarly, Mr. Trehan recommends that all past patients seek follow-up care from an accredited endometriosis clinic, as his old centre will no longer be a specialist endometriosis clinic.

Key questions Mr. Trehan recommends patients ask their specialist before undergoing surgery include:

  • Their experience level (number of endometriosis cases during their career as a consultant, and number of endometriosis cases per year).
  • Their case mix – the percentage of endometriosis cases that they treat that are complex (Stage 4 and/or with rectovaginal involvement).
  • Their audited complication rates – patients should request an audit of at least 100 consecutive cases, in order to ascertain their likelihood of experiencing surgical complications.
  • Their approach to endometriosis removal – Mr. Trehan believes that endometriosis should always be treated with wide excision, not laser treatment.
  • Their approach to ovarian preservation (Mr. Trehan believes that all cases of endometriosis can be treated without the removal of the ovaries).
  • Their approach to hysterectomy (Mr. Trehan believes that a hysterectomy is never necessary to treat endometriosis – a hysterectomy is only indicated if a patient has adenomyosis of the uterus and there is no desire for future pregnancy).