Having performed laparoscopic surgery for over 20 years, Mr. Trehan is one of the most experienced laparoscopic surgeons in the country. Mr Trehan is a hysterectomy specialist, and undertakes all hysterectomies by laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery with just an overnight stay in the hospital, a service he pioneered in 1998 which was the first of its kind and gained national recognition. Mr. Trehan’s complication rates are amongst the lowest reported in the medical literature, and patients frequently travel from across the world in order to have hysterectomy surgery by Mr. Trehan.

A hysterectomy is a procedure in which the uterus is removed. Mr. Trehan performs all hysterectomies (apart from rare cases in which the uterus is larger than a uterus would be 28 weeks into pregnancy) as laparoscopic (keyhole) assisted vaginal hysterectomies. Mr. Trehan’s patients can be confident that their operation will be completed by keyhole means as Mr. Trehan’s conversion to laparotomy rate is amongst the lowest in the medical literature, as are his major complication rates, reoperation rates and readmission rates. Further, over 90% of Mr Trehan’s patients are able to leave the hospital after just an overnight stay in hospital.

Mr. Trehan was instrumental in pioneering the overnight hospital stay following keyhole hysterectomy in the United Kingdom and an article in the Daily Mail in 1998 published regarding Mr. Trehan’s keyhole hysterectomies can be read below:

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In addition, two peer-reviewed journal papers which Mr. Trehan published regarding keyhole hysterectomies can be read below:

Hysterectomy – towards overnight stay
Laparoscopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy: a low complication hysterectomy